Meet the STEAM Monsters

Other Monsters

Slog the Slug
Lorson the Leech
Bimmy the Basher
Cookie the Clumsy
Forley the Famished
Thally the Thinker

Woopa the Worker

Woopa is a great problem solver.  She uses creativity in all of her solutions and inventions.  She is always looking for more knowledge and finds inspiration for ideas everywhere.  Her thinking skills mostly applied to problems and projects at work and school, but are sometimes forgotten at home or play.

Skills to Focus On

  • Analyzing information and data
  • Improving your own experiments and designs


  • Height: 5’3” 
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Favs color: emergency red
  • Favs breakfast cereal: Apple Jills  
  • Hobbies: mosquito watching, crafting, tennis

Woopa Level Activities

Don't Think This Monster is for You?

You can always give the Monster Quiz another try.  We suggest that you start at a lower level and work up to make sure you have these skills solidly in place.  It is better to redo and strengthen skills then to skip over something because “I already know how to do that.”

You could always explore other monsters as well.  If it seems like the description is good fit for your kiddo, you may choose to start there.   As an example,  Bimmy wants to solve her own problems but really struggles to do so.  She usually looks for solutions people have already created.  If this sounds like your child, this could be a good fit.

A VERY general ranking of monsters by grade is Slog (preschool), Lorson (K-2), Bimmy (3-4), Cookie (4-5), Forley (6-8), Woopa (9-12), Thally (adults).

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