Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge

Ever heard of a Rube Goldberg Machine? Weird name right? Well you’ll know all about it soon because it’s CHALLENGE TIME!

Watch this video for the about the challenge and to see OUR Rube Goldberg Machine.

  • 0:13 — What is Rube Goldberg machine
  • 0:50 — About Rube Goldberg
  • 1:22 — What you learn from building on
  • 1:50 — What to use
  • 2:20 — The Challenge!
  • 2:50 — Our machine

A little help and inspiration

There are some pretty impressive, jaw-dropping, stupendous, superfluous, {insert more flamboyant adjectives here} Rube Goldberg machines out there.

Now the funny thing about Rube Goldberg is that he never actually built his machines! He just drew them. But they are such an inspiration that many people have built machines to mimic his ideas.

Here are a few examples:

Joseph’s Machines

The Ashby kids love when we check out this YouTube channel. Joseph Herscher creates some amazingly elaborate and simple machines. Plus, he has videos detailing the steps of designing a machine, shows you some fails, and it is just really entertaining.

The Dinner Feeder
Kids wrote in with a problem and they design a cat feeder

The Quarantine Machine

I’m writing this post during the 2020 quarantine so this one stuck out. SO MUCH toilet paper just for a squirt of hand sanitizer.

The Dog Feeder (simple)

For a more simple machine, this boy did a great job and explained each step.


Last but not least this MASSIVE machine from OK Go. OK Go is a band but they are famous for their extensively elaborate music videos. As you can see.

You may not have a piano to throw around but there are some other things that I thought I could do at home.

There you go! Inspiration galore!

Find out more about Rube Goldberg

Want to learn more about Rube Goldberg? Check out They have a gallery of his machine images, which are under copyright so you’ll have to see them there.

If you build a machine we’d love to see it!

You can tag us on social @STEAMThinkers or email us.

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