We know that rules don’t seem like any fun but they are pretty important for keeping people as safe as can be in the outdoors.  So this is the place where you will find all those rule and expectations for registering for and attending our classes.


Registering for Classes

In order to create a more effective learning environment our class sizes are usually small.  This makes it all the more important to have people registered early to plan supplies and instruction.   You can register for classes through our website, by email, or phone although we cannot take payments over the phone.  Registration at the first class cannot be guaranteed if the class is full or canceled.



All payments are through Paypal so we do not store or have access to your payment information.  If you have created a user login with the Tyee Outdoor Experience LLC website, you will be able to cancel and manage your classes online.  You can also make payments by mail or in person.  Please contact us to make arrangements.  Registrations that have not been paid by 48 hours before the class time will be canceled unless other arrangements have been made with us.


Cancellation Policy

Classes cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the class time receive a full refund.  No refund will be available if the cancellation is less than 48 hours before the class.  A credit may be given toward future classes but that is taken on a case by case basis.


Safety & Class Expectations

Besides helping you have a great time in the outdoors, our goal for classes is safety and we can all help to make that happen.  These are just a few guidelines that will help everyone have a great experience.

  • Our classes are held in public places so other family members are certainly welcome to come and enjoy the parks.  We do request that others not interrupt the class and only registered class members may participate in the classes.
  • Because of this open format, we cannot be responsible for people that are not directly involved in the class.  Please supervise as necessary.
  • This is an OUTDOOR class and as such we might get down and dirty!  Please do not come in your best clothes that might get ruined from water, mud, bushes, etc.
  • Being outside means exposure to bugs, sun, rain, etc.  Please plan for classes accordingly with rain gear, sunscreen, etc.
  • For kids classes we love parent supervision and chaperoning, especially during activity time.  However during class instruction we ask that you not answer questions, coach, or correct your students unless invited to do so.
  • For your safety, please follow the instructors directions and warnings throughout the class time.
  • All classes and events are family friendly so we do not allow alcohol, smoking or cannabis.
  • To borrow from our local schools, we want participants of our classes to
    Be Safe.  Be Responsible.  Be respectful.
    If you are not following these guidelines and have been given a warning, you may be asked to sit out for part of the class.

A liability waiver is required to participate in classes. You can read the waiver here.  You can bring it to class already filled out or we will provide copies.


Ages to Attend

We have classes for a variety of ages so please pay close attention when registering for classes.  Children under 16 must always be accompanied by an adult.  If they are not coming with an adult other than a parent, please bring a parent signed liability waiver for each child.  Teens 16 or older do not need a parent but must come with a parent signed liability waiver to attend the class.


Health & Fitness Concerns

Many of our classes will involve extensive walking, hiking, uneven terrain, and all that other stuff that comes with being in the outdoors.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your health and fitness are sufficient for the class.  If you have questions about whether your fitness level is suitable for a class, please contact us.

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