no-heat invisible ink

No-Heat Invisible Ink

How to Create and Reveal Messages – 00:34

The Science – 4:48

Create secret messages with this easy, no-heat needed invisible ink.  Just use a little berry juice to reveal the message!

Video Transcript

How to Create and Reveal Messages

Hello. This is Isaac Ashby from Tyee Outdoor Experience and today I’m gonna teach you how to write with invisible ink and then how to expose it so that you can read the messages hidden beneath.

So first you will need a box or some baking soda. Brand does not matter. You will also need a measuring device.  You’ll need some high quality H2O and a piece of paper and a Q-tip.  Okay? This is what you’ll use for the writing.

Okay, so first how to make the invisible ink.  So we’ll take a bowl and you do one to one water and baking soda. So I’m gonna do one scoop which this happens to be a tablespoon but this makes quite a bit but just for fun I’m gonna do a whole bunch. And then I’m gonna do one scoop of water or one just like this. Oops and I’m gonna spill it all over everywhere if the wind blows it. I’m gonna stir just like so and there you have the ink. Voila!  Okay so look this is what it looks like. Yummy! Okay so now that I have my ink.

Now I am gonna take my piece of paper and I’m gonna take my Q-tip. Now I find it easiest to rip the end off the Q-tip because all that fuzz just kind of gets in the way and it makes for really big fatty fat letters and I would like thinner letters where possible.

Okay, now I’m gonna take this I always kind of like keep stirring it up because it tends to… the baking soda tends to settle down into the water. So I’m gonna take it and I’m gonna write my message. Like so. And then I will take my paper and now it needs to dry.

Okay. So notice how you can’t see anything and as it dries I kind of got the edge of the… my paper wet but whatevs. As it dries, it will stay invisible so I’m gonna set this to the side to let it dry. So that is how you write, you make the ink and you write a note.

Now comes the reveal so I have or… courtesy of my wife, she wrote a message on here which I don’t actually know what it says. So I am going to reveal what it says. Now there are two ways to do it.

One, you can use a dark-colored juice which I put in a jar cuz I didn’t want to spill on my pants on the drive over. So I have this grape juice. Mmm! Or you can use straight up berries. Now I’m gonna show you a little bit of both, okay?

So I’m gonna move this bowl so you can see. Now I hope you the viewing audience at home can see this. So you can take a berry and you can just rub it. You just kind of smash it and you rub. Okay, so see I’m rubbing and as you see with the berry you see… Oh, something’s right there. There are some letters. Okay don’t know what it says yet. So you can use berries and smash them.

They work also or you can use… my toothpick blew off the table… or you can use a toothpick and dip it in the juice and reveal that way. Oh you know what, I have it upside down! But it still is working. And there! So as my, as my ink begins to show up the message will appear and the message says “they know”.

They know! Crap!  Now I’m in trouble!

And now I got grape juice on my pants.

The Science

All right, now the science behind this. I better tell you the science pretty quickly because I’m sure my kids are pilfering my candy stash because apparently, according to the note, they know.

So the science! Baking soda is a base.  Yay for bases! And these juices or the berries, they are an acid. So when you write with baking soda on a piece of paper, like so, and then you put the acid on top it makes a reaction.  Which basically darkens the baking soda and that’s what makes the letters appear.

So the juice is reacting with the baking soda, the trails that you made on your paper creating a message. So I hope that you can use this for good. Because as you, know all gifts can be used for both evil and good. So use this for good and have fun out there.

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