Step 3: Make a Plan

After learning your skill level and trying an activity, it’s time to make a plan!  We want to keep learning and making those brains grow, right?

Just like developing any skill, building problem-solving skills goes better if you have a plan for doing it.  Follow one of the plans below to keep it moving.

Get a Little Help Plan

Explore more of our activities and put together your own at-home makerspace.  We can help you with that!  From there it is all you. 

Explore More

We have a ton of free activities for you!

How We Can Help

Jump over to our Activities page to see more activities in your monster skill level or refine the skills you already have from lower levels.
See Our Activities

Exclusive Activities

Expand out to more activities and challenges that build up your kiddos weak areas and keep problem-solving!

How We Can Help

We have more free activities just for you! If you've already finished all the ones on this site, we have more over at our FREE membership.
We're almost ready. Coming Soon.

Makin' n' Shakin'

Building real world skills doesn't have to come from formal lessons and activities. Set aside time each day or a few days a week to make and create independently.

How We Can Help

Let us help you create a at-home, DIY makerspace! Grab a list of supplies, tools, and ideas for setup. They'll surprise you with what they can do.
Get Started

Get a LOT of Help Plan

Need more help?  Our STEAM Monsters program will walk kids step-by-step through problem-solving skills and thinking process.  Hands-on activities, challenges, puzzles…  You’ll find more details here as we get closer to releasing the program. 

Looking for TYEE OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE? You're at the right place! We've split our STEAM activities and this is our new site.