Photo of levitating train that Isaac built.

Levitating Train – STEAM Activity

Trains are pretty fun right? Well have you ever seen or heard of a levitating train?

Yes that’s right, we said levitating. While that may sound impossible, it’s actually quite possible! The video we are sharing with you today explains exactly how you can create your own levitating train.

The train itself is actually called a maglev train and instead of using wheels, it levitates above its track using magnets. This project is a little more advanced than ones we have done in the past, so we advise you to get help from a parent/ guardian/ or teenaged sibling.

Though this is a more advanced project it is still super fun. It also gives kids the opportunity to use critical thinking and problem solving skills. During this project kids will test different variables to see how they affect the performance of the train.

Variables that kids can experiment with are adding additional cars, customizing the train, testing weight limits, and using different materials for the train or track to see if they work better than the suggested materials.

We want to stress how important it is for kids to test and change variables in order to be successful in this project. Sure you could copy Isaac and leave your train as is, but what would be the fun in that?

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