Let’s Take it Apart! – Remote Control Car

Starting this month we are doing a series of videos called Let’s Tale it Apart! In each video, we will be taking apart different items to see what is on the inside.

This week our video focuses on taking apart a remote control car.

Taking apart items sounds pretty fun right?

But first, there are a few things we must address.

1.       You need to have the right tools. No, you don’t need anything fancy, just a small starter set will do. The one Isaac uses in the video is called the Stanley 9 Way Screwdriver Set. Isaac also suggests a small screwdriver for all of those tiny screws and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

2.       For safety measures, we recommend disconnecting the batteries to ensure no one gets shocked.

3.       There are likely to be sharp corners near the circuit board so be aware, and make sure your kids are careful.

4.       Wear safety glasses!

5.       Keep a bowl nearby to keep all the small screws and parts contained.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff! There are many different parts within a remote control car, Isaac suggests making it a scavenger hunt to find the many different parts.

As you start to take the remote control car apart, have your kids isolate the motors and the circuit board. Using these parts you can challenge them to create something that is remote controlled. The possibilities are endless!

You can also challenge your kids to create something using the other parts of the remote-controlled car.

What did you and your kids create? Let us know!

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