Let’s Take it Apart! – Flat Screen TV

Welcome to another edition of Let’s Take it Apart!

This time we will be taking apart a flat-screen TV.

Just to recap from our last video, here are the tools that Isaac likes to use when he takes things apart.

1.      A small starter tool-set, like the one Isaac uses, the Stanley 9 Way Screwdriver Set.

2.      A Tiny screwdriver, for all those tiny screws.

3.      A pair of needle-nose pliers.

4.      Wire cutters.

5.   A screwdriver set with star shaped bits for specialized screws.

6. Something semi-sharp to help pry things open.

7. Oh and don’t forget a bowl to hold all of those tiny screws and parts!

As you start to take apart the TV have your kids do a scavenger hunt. Isaac has a list that will be up soon that you can use with your kids. This scavenger hunt lets your kids look for different electrical components that make up items.

One of the fun aspects of taking things apart is creating new things! Let your kids create a junkyard robot with all the pieces and components they find.

A safety reminder; if you are working with a TV that has a broken screen, be careful of the glass!

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