Step 1: Find Your Skill Level

There isn’t really anyone disputing the fact that problem-solving is and will continue to be a super skill that all kids should have.

But how do we measure what problem-solving skills our kiddos have and where to start?  We’ve got you covered!

What problem-solving skills do I have?

In order to help you with this head scratcher, we’ve created a roadmap of problem-solving skills and levels in what we call our

STEAM Monsters

Each monster represents certain levels of skills to work toward to gradually make your way from a step-by-step follower to independent thinking and implementation.

Take the Quiz to Find Your Monster

Help your kids find their starting skill level and let our STEAM Monsters guide you in learning even more! Take the quiz below and easily find your staring level. You don't even have to leave this page!

❗ Parents: These questions get progressively more difficult (that’s the whole point).  If they cannot answer one, just click “Next” to move on.  But please ask them each questions because they may surprise you.

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