golden gingko leaves

EASY Autumn Leaf Activities and Tracing Page

Autumn!  Don’t you just love those brilliant leaf colors?  I sure do!  It is definitely my favorite season. Plus it is the perfect time for outdoor activities with the cooler weather.  Bring on the fuzzy sweaters and hot chocolate I say!

So we’ve put together a page of common leaves for YOU to color.  Now these coloring pages can be used in oh-so-many ways. (scroll to the bottom of the page to print)

Go on a leaf hunt to find these different shapes (yes, these really are the correct shapes)

Print the paper and head outside!  These are very common trees so you should find many of them at the local park or while walking around the neighborhood.

oak leaf compare

Color the leaves the fall colors you find during your hunt

Have you ever noticed that not all leaves turn all colors??  Ginkgo do not change red or orange, only yellow.  But maple leaves can be all different colors.  Pay attention to which leaves are which colors.  This build great observational skills!

golden ginko leaves

Talk about the different colors of autumn.  Why do leaves turn the way they do?

Color changing leaves are like fall magic!!  But it’s not really magic, it’s science.  Check out this great video from Sci Show Kids about the “why” of color changing leaves.

Save some leaves for later

We’re all sad when the autumn colors fade but you can keep these colors for later projects.  The easiest way is to press the leaves between 2 sheets of wax paper.  You can do this between the pages of a large book.

Practice tracing around the leaves

A little coloring coordination for the young kids!  My preschool age son really enjoyed these since we do a lot more free coloring than tracing.

I’m sure you can think of more!  Just have some fun with this.  Get outside and enjoy the crisp fall weather.  Or if you are stuck indoors, this can keep the kids busy there too.

autumn leaves
autumn leaves tracing page

Ready to head outside?

Download the Autumn Leaves coloring and tracing pages and get learning. Make sure to jump in some piles of leaves as you go 🍂

Or find it all in one place in our Free Membership ->

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