Easter Egg Rocket Race

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming and that means


And you have to say it in that really deep, monster truck rally type announcer voice. It’s required.

These are easy for the kids and will help you use up all those plastic Easter eggs 🥚 rattling around at home. Let’s get crackin’ shall we?


  • fishing line
  • plastic Easter eggs
  • paper clips OR plastic straws
  • pennies or other small heavy things that can fit inside the plastic Easter eggs
  • tape or glue (hot glue works well 👍)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • vegetable or other oil


4 to 12

Building the rockets


Give every child a plastic Easter Egg of the same size and shape. Now they can decorate their egg and add whatever parts they think will make it go faster.  This can include a nose cone, fins, or even a tail. Make sure your egg can still open and close.

As you decorate, make sure to leave a space on the top piece of egg (the pointier end) near the seam so you can attach your egg rocket to the line.

Add your rocket attachment

Slightly bend out a paper clip and glue it to the top piece of egg (the pointier end) near the seam. Using paper clips makes it ease take them on and off the fishing line rocket course.

You could also tape or glue a small (1/2”) piece of straw on each egg half at the top of their rocket. 

These straw rockets are a little trickier since you have to tread them onto the fishing line BEFORE you set it up.

Set up your rocket line

If you are using straws on your rockets: Thread 2 rockets onto the fishing line before you set it up. The rockets must be facing each other (pointy end to pointy end).  This is important so when the rocket line ready, they will both be facing the same direction.

Tie one end of the fishing line onto a tree, coat rack, wall hook, bar in the closet, etc. Somewhere high. (You can even slip a little more learning in here by experimenting with angles.)

Loop the fishing line around another tree, table leg, etc. near the ground about 10 feet away.

Taking pics of clear finishing line is near unto impossible so we’ve got some beeyoutiful drawings to show you how to set it up.

If you are using straws on your rockets: make sure one rocket is on each line and that they are both facing downhill.

Paper clip rockets can just be hooked onto the line for the race.

And last but not least, oil the finishing line! Yup slap a little oil along the line and those rockets will be zipping away in no time.

Race your rockets!

Once the course is set up, race your Easter egg rockets!  After you have raced them empty, start putting pennies or any heavy objects inside their Easter egg rockets to see how the weight will affect their speed.

Challenge those kids (aka add some math)

For older kids, mark a start and finish line on the fishing line and then measure the distance the rockets will travel with a ruler.  Then the students will time their rockets and calculate their speed using the formula:

Speed = distance divided by second. 

Get creative! You can have you whole family in on this race and see who wins the Great Easter Egg Rocket Race.

Wondering what makes this is STEAM? Click the tabs below.

Engineering – build your own rockets
Art – get creative to make them even faster
Math – calculate your rocket speed

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