Step 2: Do An Activity

Now that you’ve discovered your kids’ problem-solving skill level, it is time to do an activity and start building those super skills!

We teach problem-solving skills using STEAM, because STEAM and problem-solving go together like PB&J, like milk and cookies, like cytosine and guanine!  So the majority of activities and challenges you find here will be STEAM or STEAM related. 

Amoeba Sisters DNA base pairs
See? Cytosine and Guanine. Image by the very talented Amoeba Sisters.

Hold the physics!  You haven’t found your skill level yet?  Head on back to do that –>

Click on a STEAM Monster below to see activities by skill level.  Or browse our full list of activities.  Then leave a comment, shoot us an email, tag us on social media, send a carrier pigeon… do something to let us know how it went!















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