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Dinosaur Stomp Outdoor Activities for preK-5th

Dinosaurs!  I swear that the biggest words my son knows are those huge dinosaur names that I can’t even pronounce!

But for all the talk about what dinosaurs ate, where they lived, and whether they ACTUALLY rode on trains together, I haven’t seen a lot about dinosaur footprints.  But we know so much about dinosaurs from their footprints!!  So what better way to get those kids outside than talking about those big stompy dinosaur feet.

Dino Stomping Outside – for the little ones

Take those kids outside for a good stomp!  Stomp through the mud, rain, snow, or just the grass.   It is a great time for a discussion about where those dinos were stomping to and how big they are.  You can find some amazing dinosaur facts from The Dinosaur Museum website.

You can also create a sidewalk chalk trail for them to follow with all their dinosaur stomping.

stomping in puddles with an umbrella
dino stomping

Dinosaur Footprints Activity – for the older ones

There is a really amazing, free activity from The Geological Society of London all about dinosaur footprints and using them to calculate information about dinosaurs like body size and speed.  This is perfect for the older kids to draw and calculate.  Because dinosaurs are not just for kindergarten!

You will need plenty of outdoor space to draw your dino footprints.

dinosaur footprint activity
A page from The Geological Society of London’s Dinosaur Footprint Activity

Click here or on the image above to head to their site and grab the activity.

Visit a dinosaur track site – for all ages

Finally, if you can find some nearby, you should DEFINITELY visit a dinosaur track site!!  We stopped at the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite in Wyoming last summer and that was a highlight of our trip (we even mentioned it over on our post about finding local public lands).  The kids LOVE dinosaurs so it was a hit with the 2 year old to the 10 year old.

dinosaur track
exploring for fossils

Here are a list of some in the US but I know there are a lot more out there so just do a search and see what you can find.

So head outside and be a dinosaur for the day!!

feathered dinosaur coloring page

Want more?

Grab our Feathered Dinosaur Coloring Pages! Dinosaurs have a lot more feathers than we thought before. So color this feathered dinosaur or draw feathers to create your own feathered dinosaur.

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