Let’s Take it Apart! – Flat Screen TV

Welcome to another edition of Let’s Take it Apart! This time we will be taking apart a flat-screen TV. Just to recap from our last video, here are the tools that Isaac likes to use when he takes things apart. 1.      A small starter tool-set, like the one Isaac uses, the Stanley 9 Way …

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paper airplane STEAM challenge

Paper Airplane STEAM Challenge

Let’s get prepped for take-off with this easy paper airplane STEAM / STEM design challenge! Perfect for elementary ages to high school. Learn to fold our favorite paper airplane and some basics of flight. Then design your own! This lesson is virtual, distance learning, and homeschool friendly. Virtual class can still work with hands-on STEAM …

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candy catapult

Candy Catapult Challenge

The days after Halloween are always filled with candy.  You eat all the good stuff and have a pile that is still around to hand out to next year’s trick-or-treaters. 🤢 Well now you can put that nasty to good use teaching STEAM!  Let’s launch that stuff with a candy catapult! 1st – Collect Supplies …

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